Welcome to the FOSS4Lib Discussion site. If you are looking for a place to talk about open source software in cultural heritage organizations, you are in the right place. Example topics:

  • What does an adopter look for in an open source community?
  • What is your role and responsibility for making the software sustainable?
  • What is the most important thing a project can do to attract or retain community members? What is the most important thing it not do?

This site is not intended to replace the communities that surround particular open source packages. Posts about specific open source packages will be gently redirected to the appropriate forum. If there isn't a community around a package, Discuss.FOSS4Lib.org can serve as that meeting point until a community-specific place exists.

The inauguration of this site comes with the Sustaining Cultural Heritage Open Source Software (SCHOSS) Symposium4 in September 2014 as a place for webinar participants to interact with the speakers and with each other. This site is built on the open source Discourse1 software. You can browse their website or check out the thread of users here playing with the new features of the site. It's an open source project, much like Ubuntu, so if you see any issues, please post them in the Feedback section. This site is hosted by LYRASIS.

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