Stuart Miller has been Library Systems Analyst, University of Chicago Library since 2001. His work experience includes eleven years as a special librarian for a professional membership association followed by various positions in documentation, customer support, systems analysis and marketing communications at NOTIS Systems, Endeavor Information Systems and marchFIRST. Stuart began working as a subject matter expert and analyst for Kuali OLE in 2010, a community-source ILS developed by a partnership of several academic libraries, and recently helped bring OLE into production at Chicago.

10 days later

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In the contrast between OLE (community-mandated participation) and VuFind (relatively unstructured), are there different approaches to getting staff outside the technology departments to participate in the community?

The OLE project has several Subject Matter Expert (SME) groups for, e.g., Select & Acquire, Describe (cataloging), Deliver (Circulation), Cross Module, etc. Each has a coordinator and an analyst, the latter who keeps the group moving, chairs regularly-scheduled WebEx meetings, etc. while the analyst fields questions from the developers about functional requirements, assists in writing requirements documents, tests, etc. The other members of the groups are staff from appropriate departments in the partner libraries--while the groups would like reps from ALL the partner sites, the reality is that not every partner has enough staff to go around so not all groups have reps from all partner sites. In our library, the systems dept. (ILS) makes sure that we HAVE reps on each of the SME groups--and they are usually NOT from the systems dept. For VuFind, the community is primarily technical but at least at Chicago, our development goals are based on user requirements as collected by public services staff. So the technical people who participate in VuFind have fairly substantial input and regularly consult with public services staff on details, next steps, etc.

12 days later

So the University of Chicago Libraries uses or will use an open-source ILS?

The University of Chicago Library went into production with Kuali OLE 1.5 in August 2014 and we are using VuFind as the user interface.

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