9 days later

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Marketing open source like a closed source project will result in users expecting the same type of service from a closed source vendor. The trick is finding a marketing strategy that gets the word out but also educates the user how to use open source.

Agreed. I would argue that the "product" you are marketing isn't a project -- it's a community. That should inform the honing of your marketing message.

To introduce os tools in Library schools we need to have a text book that explains how to implement os in libraries.

These two comments from @John_Brice and @lblanchard resonated so much with me yesterday. It is marketing of a sort, but marketing of the community and the ethos of open source as much as it is about the bulleted feature list of the software. The kinds of marketing that is needed is as much about how adopting an open source package is conceptually different from buying a commercial package.

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